Why MPUSD » Jenn Gorman: 'When the kids light up that is the inspiration'

Jenn Gorman: 'When the kids light up that is the inspiration'

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Jenn Gorman

Library Media Specialist

Monterey High School

Whether it’s on the campus or off, Jenn Gorman, library media specialist, at Monterey High School, enjoys meeting new people and hearing about their story and experience. Jenn grew up on the East Coast and as a military spouse has traversed the world. But throughout her travels, she has always served children in some capacity.

She has been in counseling roles, after school services roles, volunteering, and substitute teaching before earning a teaching credential. She fell in love with the profession and soon found herself teaching 2nd and 3rd grade and inclusion classes in Georgia and Texas before establishing herself in Monterey.


“The library has always been one of my favorite places on any campus at any school and I am thrilled to be here in this role,” says Jenn.

What Jenn likes best about her role is the ability to serve everybody’s students and work with all of the staff and teachers in different capacities. She says, “I enjoy the interaction and no two days are the same. You never know what to expect in a day or never know what hat you will be asked to wear. It’s a variety.”

As a military spouse, Jenn also has an appreciation for the school’s military-connected students. She welcomes the opportunity to help and support them because she knows what it’s like to move around.

She also likes preparing a child for success, and has the opportunity to meet with students for a variety of reasons, including helping them on the essays they are writing. “When the kids light up, that is the inspiration,” she says. “The creativity and the passion that you will see, including in both our students and staff … I get excited by that all the time,” she says.

Monterey High is a special place and Jenn is happy to be part of the team and culture. “Our staff is special. Some even grew up here, attended here, and now work here. It’s unique. It’s eclectic. We have people from all over. They look to come here, they seek to come here. They choose this school for the different backgrounds we have,” says Jenn.

Outside of work, Jenn has a passion for traveling and hiking. Together with her family, they combine trips where they can visit state or national parks, for example, and hike between 10-15 miles a day. She enjoys the great outdoors and meeting people from all over who are traveling and experiencing the same thing as she and her family.