Why MPUSD » Meghan Armfield-Webb: 'Seaside is just a really great and special place and I’m really proud of it'

Meghan Armfield-Webb: 'Seaside is just a really great and special place and I’m really proud of it'

Meghan Armfield-Webb
Meghan Armfield-Webb
Academic Coach
Seaside Middle School
Throughout her own educational experience as a student in Sacramento-area schools, Meghan Armfield-Webb says she felt like a number.

“A lot of the teachers were like, “well maybe you’re just not meant for college, you’re probably not going to go to college because you can’t pass this math class." And I started to internalize that a little bit and it took some really awesome teachers to go, “Don’t listen to so and so. You’re going to be amazing one day.” And that’s exactly what I did and I loved proving them wrong," Meghan said.


That's a feeling she never wants any of her students or colleagues to have during their experience at Seaside Middle School.

“I wanted all of our students to have as many positive, opportune moments for education. And it's usually those little pivots and those little moves in teaching. I really, really enjoy that, that fuels me," Meghan said.


Meghan is currently working as Seaside Middle's Academic Coach and her journey to that opportunity started with young students.


In 2010, Meghan began her career at Greenfield Union School District as a 5th grade teacher. Four years later, she and her husband were looking for new opportunities. That's when she attended an MPUSD job fair and was later hired to teach history at Seaside Middle School.


“Seaside is just a really great and special place and I’m really proud of it," Meghan said. “Can’t imagine really being anywhere else. I love Seaside Middle.”


In 2020, Meghan transitioned from teaching history to serving as academic coach. Now she spends her time making sure teachers at Seaside Middle feel supported and successful throughout the school year.


“It’s a teamwork process. It's not me coming in and evaluating you. I am here to help you, like I’m your teacher and I want to make you better at what you do, so that your kiddos do better," Meghan said.


Meghan says she loves the collaborative aspect of ensuring teachers are set up to succeed.


“It's this give and take and that’s how I feel like a good true academic coach should be. It's come in and try this and tell me how it works and if it stunk, it stunk and if it was great it was great," Meghan said.


Meghan says she's also very supportive of social-emotional learning opportunities for students, knowing they continue benefiting from a whole-child approach academic success.


“Getting down to know the student and understanding what makes them tick. That really fuels me. That’s why I wanted to be a teacher," Meghan said.


Meghan double majored in history and liberal studies at Sacramento State and later earned her master's degree in academic administration at California State University, Monterey Bay.