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Dear Contractor and Design Professionals,


Thank you for your patience and understanding as together we address the Coronavirus and its impacts on our school system, students, families, staff and Facilities supporters. Your level of professionalism, hard work, and calm in the face of adversity is inspiring. Thank you for all you continue to do each day to support our families and community -- your work means so much to so many, especially at this time. 

The safety and well-being of our community continues to remain at the forefront of our decision making. We realize that any decision we make will have impacts on many and we consult with both local and state authorities prior to making any decision.


1)      Shelter-in-Place Order: Since Monterey County become subject to a shelter-in-place order, public works construction will still go forward according to the shelter-in-place orders we are seeing (see SCC and MC order's below). However, since the general conditions place the burden on the contractor to prove excusable delays, we would recommend following the lead of the contractor and making them decide whether or not the project will continue under the exception provided for in the shelter-in-place order. While the District can decide to stop the project, this “decision by the Owner” gives the contractor the ability to argue that such a delay be compensable. Now, because the underlying health concerns supporting the District/Owner’s decision to stop work are unprecedented and arguably out of the District/Owner’s control, there is an argument that such delay would still be non-compensable. Nevertheless, it would be ideal to have the contractor make that call and then the parties can agree that the delay is excusable, but non-compensable. The contractor would still need to provide notice under section 8.4.2. We are here to assist where we can. We are fully staffed and practicing social distancing requirements during this time.  



Who We Are

The Capital Facilities Program is working to improve our District's elementary, middle and high schools with the funds from Measure P and Measure I. We accomplish this by upgrading existing facilites by replacing aging infrastructure, installing new classroom technology, improving utility and energy efficiency and improving school safety. We are constructing new facilities, 21st century classrooms, libraries, gyms, fields,  play grounds, kitchens, MPR and other new facilities our sites may need.
We are the internal/external liason for the District for all of the planning, design, bid process and construction project management for all new construction, modernization and capital improvement projects in the District as it relates to Bond Fund Management.