Contractor Prequalification


Current Prequalified Contractors and M.E.P.


Prequalification Documents

Clarification to Prequalification Applicants

In response to the many questions we have received we offer the following:


Anyone falling under the specified license classification for prequalification who is not

able to submit a prequalification application by the end of one quarter is encouraged to

continue with the process of submitting their application, to be prequalified for the next

quarter.  Prequalification will apply for one year from the date that you receive

notice that you have been prequalified.


Please be advised of the following as it has been confusing to some contractors wanting to submit.  


Financial Statement

In addition to completing and verifying the attached questionnaire, each applicant must submit

and verify its most current reviewed or audited year-end financial statement, which must have

been prepared by a certified public accountant within twelve (12) months of each applicant’s

submission of the prequalification package. Each statement must be signed under penalty of

perjury by an individual who has the legal authority to bind the contractor on whose behalf that

person is signing. Finally, each applicant must submit a notarized statement from an admitted

surety insurer (approved by the California Department of Insurance and authorized to issue

bonds in the State of California) which states the applicant’s current bonding capacity.


Financial statements submitted with this prequalification package shall not be prepared by any

individual who is in the regular employ of the firm submitting the statement, nor by any individual

or entity who has more than a ten percent (10%) financial interest in the firm’s business. If the

individual or entity that prepared a financial statement submitted with this prequalification package

has any financial interest in the firm’s business, the firm shall notify the District of such financial

interest in a separate signed statement accompanying this prequalification package.