Homeless/Foster Youth

Homeless Support Contact Information:

    • Carlos Diaz, McKinney-Vento Liaison
      MPUSD Family Resource Center
      (831) 392-3928
      [email protected]
      1295 La Salle Ave. Seaside, CA 93955

    • Debora Ogarrio, McKinney Vento Student Liaison
      MPUSD Elementary School Support
      (831) 717-7415
      [email protected]
    • Andrea Diaz, School Social Worker Middle School
      MPUSD McKinney-Vento Foster Student Liaison
      (831) 236-9747
      [email protected]
    • Erika Parker - Education Liaison
      Compassionate Education Systems Monterey County
      (831) 417-9277
      [email protected]

    • Aracele Salgado, Education Liaison  
      Compassionate Education Systems Monterey County
      (831) 417-6680
      [email protected]

    • Kayla Antes, Senior Program Manager 
      Compassionate Education Systems Monterey County
      (831) 345-9502
      [email protected]

Foster Support Contact Information:
    • Donnie Everett
      Assistant Superintendent, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
      (831) 645-1261
           [email protected]
    • Justin Parker
      Program Coord II-Foster Youth Student Services
      School: (831) 784-4227 ext. 1227
      [email protected]
Student Support Services

Provide comprehensive and rehabilitative services to our most vulnerable students by advocating for successful transitions, re-engagement, and social emotional awareness, leading to academic achievement as well as maximizing post-secondary options.     

Homeless Education and Family Resource Center 

The Homeless Education and Family Resource Center was designed to provide assistance to homeless students and families in compliance with the McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act, an integral part of No Child Left Behind. In the FRC personnel work in collaboration with school personnel and community service agencies in an effort to maximize access to various educational, social and enrichment programs which promote academic success and student achievement. 


  • Provide ongoing training, technical assistance and advocacy district wide to ensure federal statutes and district policy is being followed in regards to homeless students in the MPUSD.
  • Remove barriers to academic success for McKinney Vento eligible students by providing needed supplies such as backpacks, school supplies, clothing, transportation, free lunch program, etc.
  • Educate students and parents on their educational rights.
  • Promote parent participation in school-related activities. 
  • Each student at the beginning of the school year or upon enrollment at any Monterey campus must complete a form called the Student Residence Questionnaire, form included in the student registration forms package and according with the answers you may qualify for the McKinney-Vento Program.
What is McKinney–Vento?
McKinney–Vento is a federal law that offers rights and protection to families in difficult or transitional living situations.
Common living situations that fall under the law are:
  • Double-up: sharing housing with families or friends
  • Renting a room in another person’s or family’s apartment or house 
  • Staying in hotels or motels
  • Living in cars, parks, or other places not designed for regular sleeping
  • Staying in shelters or housing programs 
  • Moving from place to place due to lack of stable housing 
  • Youth living with someone other than their parent or legal guardian
What rights does my child get under McKinney-Vento?
  • Enrollment in school immediately, even if missing records and documents normally required for enrolment, such as a birth certificate, proof of residence, previous school records, or immunizations/medical records
  • Attend either the local school or the school of origin, if this is in the best interest (the school of origin is the school the child attended when they were permanently housed or the school in which the child was last enrolled)
  • Receive transportation to and from school if getting to school is a hardship 
  • Receive free lunch program
  • Receive free school supplies
If you have any questions, need additional support with either school or outside resources, or believe you have been incorrectly identified as McKinney-Vento status, please reach out to your district McKinney-Vento liaison.

Each school has a small Resource Center located on site. Below is a list of some of the items available to students. 

  • Personal Hygiene & Grooming Products
  • Dental Floss, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste
  • Deodorants
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hair Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Nail Cutters/Trimmer
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Disposable Razors
  • Soap or Body Wash