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School Safety
At MPUSD, the health and safety of our students and staff is our utmost priority. We have procedures in place to comply with existing safety laws, as evidenced in each of our Comprehensive School Safety Plans, Board Policies, and Administrative Regulations. We also partner with the community, various agencies, and law enforcement to create safe and thriving neighborhood schools.
Over the past year we have taken the following preventive measures to help safeguard our schools:
  • Established close working relationships with the fire and police departments in all our communities to understand our role and responsibilities in handling emergency situations.
  • Committed funds to place school resource officers on our campuses.
  • Held Community Safety Meetings with the Police Chiefs of Marina, Seaside and Monterey.
  • Trained administrators and staff to handle emergency situations and communications.
  • Updated crisis management plans and practiced safety drills, intruder alerts and lockdowns.
  • Installed security fencing, and obtained a Secure our Schools Planning and Implementation Grant.
  • Purchased emergency communications systems for all district sites.
  • Contracted Canine Inspection Services to monitor our schools.
  • Implemented ParentLink mobile communications application to increase instant communication.
  • Increased and promoted the availability of mental health resources to students and families.
  • Created an anonymous Tip Line for reporting safety issues or concerns on the MPUSD website, school webpages and via ParentLink mobile communications application.
  • Instituted an emergency communication protocol to keep Parents informed using three methods of communication (web posting, letter home, and instant messaging via ParentLink). 
ALiCE Safety Drills (Alert, Lock down, Interrupt, Counter, Evacuate)
  • Information coming soon