Spotlight on Benefits

Benefits Overview

At Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, employees working 20 hours a week or more may enroll in any one of our Health and Welfare Benefits within 30 days of their hire date. Benefits include medical, dental, vision, life, and a flexible spending account, also known as an FSA. Through American Fidelity, the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for medical expenses; as well as, dependent daycare expenses is available upon hiring or during a Fall open enrollment for the next calendar year.

Benefits and costs are all separate and you do not have to be enrolled in one in order to be enrolled in another.

If an employee is hired to work less than full time, or wishes to enroll dependents, there will be a cost associated with the benefits selected. To determine the cost, please contact the Insurance Department at 831-645-1252.

Qualifying Events

There are many events that occur during the year that would allow employees to make a change to their health benefits.  However, the changes must be consistent with the event.  Here are a few of the life changing events:

  • Birth of Child
  • Marriage    
  • Gain of Other Insurance          
  • Decrease in Work Hours
  • Legal Adoption
  • Divorce
  • Death
  • Dependent Reaching Maximum Age Limit
  • Legal Guardianship
  • Loss of Other Insurance    
  • Increase in Work Hours

When any one of these events occur, or are going to occur, it is best to contact the Insurance Department right away to ask if the event will allow you to make a change to your health insurance benefits.  A window period of 30 days, from the date of the event, is provided for you to complete a change. If you miss the window period, a change may not be made until another qualifying event occurs.  

Please contact 831-645-1252 to discuss your qualifying event.  Some changes can affect your pay so please do not wait until the last minute to contact the Insurance Department.  

Very Important Links

Need to find a physician, dentist, or eye doctor? Directories are now located on the websites. Please go to the Blue Cross, VSP, or Delta Dental websites to find a provider in your zip code area. Remember, when making an appointment, be sure to ask if the provider is preferred.
Blue Shield
Express Scripts
Delta Dental
Vision Service Plan
American Fidelity
Social Security
Covered California
Kaiser Permanente
English - 1-800-464-4000
Spanish - 1-800-788-0616
Group Number #38320 is needed for phone call.
FSA Store
Flexible Spending Account - Medical
1-800-654-8489 or MPUSD Employees
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
User ID: metlifeeap
Password: eap

Pharmacy Discount Card

Keenan and Associates has provided a discount card that can be used at a participating pharmacy for medications that may not be available through your health care prescription provider. It can also be used for pet prescriptions and does not cost anything to have the card. Please feel free to download the information and follow the instructions to create a card.

FSA Store Now Available

Link to the Flexible Spending Account Site

Do you need to use up the balance of your Flexible Spending Account for the calendar year 2020? You can now shop the FSA Store online and use those dollars, pre-taxed, before the end of the year. For more information, about your Flexible Spending Account balance or more, please contact American Fidelity at

Are You Turning 65 and Still Wanting to Work?

One of the most often asked questions is whether or not an employee, still actively working and turning 65 years of age, is required to sign up for Medicare A and B.

As long as you are enrolled in an employer group medical plan, and want to continue working, you do not have to sign up for Medicare Part B. Medicare Part A is for hospitalization and does not cost an employee, who is 65 years of age or older, anything to have. However, Medicare Part B does have a cost and will not pay benefits, as your primary insurance, as long as you are enrolled in a group medical plan.

What You Should Know Before You Retire -

When you terminate employment by resigning, or retiring, you can then sign up for Medicare Part B with no penalty for not taking it when you turned 65. Download form CMS-L564E and have the MPUSD Insurance Department complete the bottom half of the form providing proof of group coverage from effective date to end date. Take the form with you to Social Security when applying for Medicare Part B.

If you are currently enrolled in a MCSIG medical plan, please take a moment to read the Retiree Guidelines.

If you want more information regarding Medicare Benefits please contact Medicare at 1-800-999-1118 or 1-800-633-4227.



As of late, there have been a number of MCSIG members who have encountered an issue with registering with Teladoc that has resulted in them being charged a $45 copay, instead of no charge. The problem happens when a member is entering information that does not match the Teladoc system. For example, an incorrect zip code will cause the member to not be found. This prompts the member to see if their benefits can be found using their insurance information on their Anthem ID card, which results in a $45 copay. Therefore, to avoid this issue, members should NOT select the “Look me up using my health or insurance provider.” Instead, members are recommended to call Teladoc’s call center at 1-800-TELADOC (835-2362), if they are having issues registering their account or have been charged a co-pay.


Attached are step-by-step instructions on how to “Set up an account” online at


As a reminder, MCSIG members also have access to the following Teladoc enhanced benefits at no charge:


  • Dermatology – FREE

o   Access to high quality dermatologic care for skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, skin infection, eczema, rosacea, moles, and more!

  • Tobacco Cessation – FREE

o   FDA-approved drugs like Chantix, Zyban, and nicotine replacement therapies, tobacco cessation coach, and 24/7 support!

  • Sexual Health – FREE
    • Get tested locally and discreetly for common STIs and get results within 3 business days!

Dental and Vision Publications

Delta Dental
PPO Plan Summary
Vision Service Plan -
Signature Plan Summary

Enrollment/ Change/ Claim Forms

AFLAC Claim Forms

For Retirees of MPUSD

This section is devoted to Retiree Information. If you have any questions related to the information provided, please contact the providers directly. If you wish to contact the Benefits Department ...more

Covered California

For information regarding affordable health plans through Covered California, click on the logo. You will be taken directly to the link that provides information about various plans offered through the state of California.