Why MPUSD » Deisi Teran: 'Whatever they need, we’re there 100 percent'

Deisi Teran: 'Whatever they need, we’re there 100 percent'

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Deisi Teran

Student Enrollment Transfer Specialist

Monterey Peninsula Unified School District

“Whether it’s taking calls, helping parents who come into the district office, assisting school sites with transfer and enrollment questions, or managing the curve balls, my day is pretty interesting and changes on the daily,” says Deisi Teran, Student Enrollment Transfer Specialist for the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District.

In her current role for six years, Deisi has been a member of the MPUSD team for eight years, first as a special education assistant at Marina High School and then a clerk at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School of the Arts (formerly King Elementary School).


Deisi loves working with her team.


“Our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support team is amazing,” she says. “I enjoy working with the community and my staff. We’re like the emotional and support team. We are there for every site. If somebody needs something we always go to them. Whatever they need, we’re there 100 percent.”

Customer service is Deisi’s jam. Her first job was in the customer service industry and she has been at it since she was 16 years old.


“I believe customer service is my thing. I help my community. I’ll help my staff members. The public. If I’m out on the street and somebody needs help, I’m there.” And, if she doesn’t have the answer, Deisi says enthusiastically, “I will look for it.”

Her favorite roles at MPUSD have been at the school site and the district office. Most of all, she simply enjoys serving families and assisting them with what they need. She also enjoys the camaraderie at the school site and making a connection with staff and the community.


“It is very important to me,” she says.

Deisi loves MPUSD because of the impact she is making. It makes her day when someone comes through the door and says ‘thank you so much for what you did for me today.’ It makes her feel like she is doing a good job.

“That is what I am here for just to support them and provide the customer service they need because sometimes you can’t find that everyone. Nowadays customer service has been lost and I believe we need more of that right now,” Deisi said.

Outside of work, Deisi enjoys spending time with her family, especially her three-year old son, Max. She also has a fancy for dancing.