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More Than a Meal

More Than a Meal FormMore than a meal flyer - Spanish version

The free/reduced priced meal program affects a variety of areas unrelated to school meals, including school funding, internet access, college application fees, SAT fees and bus passes. Even if your child doesn't plan to eat school lunches, it is important to fill out the free/reduced priced meal program application to ensure our schools and families receive the available resources.  


All Monterey Peninsula Unified School District families are being asked to complete the application or return a form to opt-out of the free/reduced priced meal program:


  • Students will bring home meal application forms in their first day packets. English forms are blue and Spanish forms are yellow.
  • You may obtain additional forms from your school site office or at the at the Nutrition Services Department, District Services Center located at 540 Canyon Del Rey in Monterey, at any school cafeteria or school office.
  • The form is also available electronically - English Form or Spanish Form (Coming Soon)
  • Opt-Out Form coming soon


About the Benefits

School Funding

Every student who is under a certain income, learning English, or in foster care generates 20% more funding. In districts where at least 55% of students are high-need, they receive even more funding. The dollars generated by high-need students are spent to increase or improve services for low-income students, English learners and foster youth.


SAT and College Application Fees

Any 11th and 12th grade student that is eligible to participate in the free/reduced priced meal program is eligible for SAT fee waivers. Every income-eligible student who takes the SAT using a test fee waiver can choose four colleges from over 2,000 participating colleges and apply for free.


Bus Passes

Families who qualify, may receive free transportation to and from school through MPUSD's Transportation department.


Internet Service

Though a partnership with Comcast, the Internet Essentials Program provides internet for less than $10 a month for qualifying families. The program also provides the opportunity to purchase a laptop or desktop computer for $149 and free classes to assist in learning internet basics. For more information, visit


Similarly, through a partnership with AT&T, families may qualify for Internet for just $10 a month. For more information, visit


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fill out an application for each child?

No, you can fill out one form for multiple children in the same household.


Who will know that our family submitted an application?

Our system is confidential. Even if your child qualifies and chooses to eat lunch in the cafeteria, the breakfast and lunch process is the same as a student who is paying full price.


Do I still need to fill out a form if I qualify for other benefits?

No. If you are currently receiving food stamps, CalWORKS, KinGAP or FDPIR benefits and your information has not changed, your child automatically qualifies.


Do I have to list a social security number?

No. If you do not have a social security number or would prefer not to share it on the form, you are not required to list it.