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Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program

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Nutrition Education Activities

Teachers are encouraged to use the fruit or vegetable snack for the day as an opportunity to make connections to daily curriculum:

  • Writing
    • Creative writing; descriptive sentences, poetry, short stories
    • Instructional writing: recipes, directions
    • Informational text: gathering information to make an opinion
  • Mathematics
    • Use fruits and vegetables as examples in fractions, sharing problems and building wholes from fractions
    • Use counting, sorting and classifying of fruits and vegetables to collect, organize and represent data
    • Use fruits and vegetables to explore volume, weighing and measuring
    • Use fruits and vegetables as examples of geometric shapes
  • Geography/Social Studies
    • Show on a map the parts of the world where the fruit or vegetable is grown
    • Discuss how the fruit or vegetable has been used in different cultures throughout history
    • Discuss if the fruit or vegetable has a special place in cultural celebrations
  • Science
    • Discuss how a fruit or vegetable grows ( ex: on a tree or on a plant, above ground or below ground)
    • Study plant development and life cycle
    • Demonstrate seed germination
    • Explore form and function of plant parts
    • Classify fruits and vegetables based on their properties
    • Encourage students to use their five senses to observe and describe different fruits and vegetables
    • Plant an “edible” garden

The Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program provides a fresh fruit or vegetable snack to all students in participating elementary schools. The goal of this program is to increase the variety of fruits and vegetables children consume, create healthier school food environments, and positively impact the nutrition of not only the students but their families.

In the 2023-2024 Academic Year, we are honored to offer the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program at Del Rey Woods, Dual Language Academy, Martin Luther King, Marina Vista, and Ord Terrace.

The program also supports our Farmer's Markets on campus (pictured), where students are able to shop at their own local, seasonal Farmer's Market!