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School Entry Requirements


California schools are required to check immunization records for all new student admissions at
TK/Kindergarten through 12th grade and all students advancing to 7th grade before entry. Parents must
show their child’s Immunization Record as proof of immunization.


K-12 Admission 4 Polio           5 DTap        3 HepB      2 MMR         2 Varicella
(7th-12th) K-12 doses + 1 Tdap
7th Grade Advancement                        1Tdap                                               2 Varicella


*New admissions to 7th grade should also meet the requirements for ages 7-17 years.
Please note: per Senate Bill 277, and as of January 1, 2016, students are no longer able to submit a “Personal Beliefs Exemption to Required Immunizations” waiver indicating that such immunization is contrary to their beliefs. The only exemption, provided under the new law, allows for parents to submit a signed letter by a physician to the effect that the physical condition of the child is such, or medical circumstances relating to the child are such, that immunization is not safe, indicating the specific nature and probable duration of the medical condition or circumstances, including, but not limited to, family medical history, for which the physician does not recommend immunization. Students who hold personal belief exemptions to vaccinations before January 1, 2016, are “grandfathered in” and the law will not apply until the student reaches their next vaccination checkpoint (which include Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 1st grade and 7th grade). Students designated foster youth and/or homeless have additional time to allow school staff to work with families and the student’s former school to obtain immunization records.
For Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten students - An oral health assessment is also required for entry into TK or kindergarten. Assessments that have occurred within 12 months before a student enters TK or kindergarten also meet this requirement. Please download the form below and take it with you to your child's dentist.
Oral Health Assessment
For First Grade students - A health examination is also required for entry into the 1st grade. Assessments that have occurred within 18 months before a student enters 1st grade also meet this requirement. Please download the form below and take it with you to your child's physician.
Physical Examination


This Immunization Resource list was created for your convenience. At this time, hours and availability of appointments are subject to change. Please contact your preferred provider for availability  of required vaccinations that your child needs to enter the next grade when school reopens. If you have any questions, please refer to ShotsforSchool.org or contact your child's school. School office hours will be reduced after June 5, 2020.
Esta lista de recursos de inmunización fue creada para su conveniencia. En este momento, las horas y la disponibilidad de citas están sujetas a cambios. Comuníquese con su proveedor preferido para conocer la disponibilidad de las vacunas requeridas que su hijo necesita para ingresar al próximo grado cuando la escuela vuelva a abrir. Si tiene alguna pregunta, consulte ShotsforSchool.org o comuníquese con la escuela de su hijo. Las horas de oficina de la escuela se reducirán después del 5 de junio de 2020.