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Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

College and Career Preparedness

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a college preparatory program for students in the "academic middle." These students are typically the first in their immediate family to attend college and fall into underrepresented groups on postsecondary campuses. With instructional strategies and support systems, AVID students have the potential to succeed in a rigorous course of study and be prepared to meet four-year college entrance requirements by mastering a college preparatory curriculum.

The foundation of the AVID program is an elective class that provides academic support for students who aspire to attend college. Students benefit from daily in-school instructional support in order to be successful in a college preparatory course of study. An AVID elective course content includes instruction intended to improve a variety of skills; tutorials designed to increase higher-level thinking and success in rigorous courses; and motivational activities, guest speakers, and college and career exploration.

AVID students attend English language arts, math, social science, and science courses where teachers are trained to incorporate AVID study skills and motivational strategies to encourage college. Throughout the day, AVID students are surrounded with peers and adults who share a commitment to academic excellence and who work together for student success. In AVID classrooms, students find high expectations, encouragement, day-to-day help, a vision of college as an expected and attainable goal, and guidance in and skills for reaching that goal. Ultimately, AVID provides an academic, social, and emotional support system as students work to succeed.

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Student Responsibilities-

  • Maintain satisfactory citizenship, behavior, and attendance in all classes.
  • Maintain the AVID binder with assignment/grade sheets and daily notes in all classes.
  • Complete all homework assignments given from all of your teachers each night.
  • Maintain enrollment in college preparatory courses with at least a 2.5 GPA – working toward a 3.0 GPA.
  • Prepare for and enroll in at least one AP class by junior year.
  • Prepare for and enroll in at least one Honors class by sophomore year.
  • Actively seek additional help in classes in which the student is earning below a C.
  • Maintain at least a 3.0 in the AVID elective class.

AVID Schools

AVID Staff

Los Arboles Middle School

Chanelle Cecchi,  [email protected]

AVID Coordinator                                                                            

Seaside Middle School

Mary Cleveland, [email protected]
AVID Coordinator

Colton Middle School

Kelly Starnes, [email protected] 

AVID Coordinator

Marina High School

Joseph Sinnott, [email protected]us

AVID Coordinator

Seaside High School

Gayle McKee, [email protected]
AVID Coordinator              

Monterey High School

Rosanna McCormick, [email protected]
AVID Coordinator

As an AVID tutor, YOU WILL ...

AVID tutors will guide students toward academic and personal excellence that will reach far beyond their secondary school years. AVID tutors will be active participants in the learning, growth, and personal development of students with the goal of preparing students to successfully attend college. 

REQUIREMENTS & QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree or evidence of earned college credit in the field of education; OR successful enrollment in a science, math, or liberal arts Bachelor’s program. Previous student tutoring or mentoring experience. Passionate belief in the ability of all students to graduate college-ready. Former AVID program participation or experience working with a school or community-based academic support program. Effective communication skills with students and adults. Excellent writing skills; Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Demonstrated responsibility and reliability PAY RATE: $15/hour. 

Please apply on edjoin.

Join the AVID family today! Contact Carli Peck at 645-1218.

The AVID Tutor:

  • Serve as a mentor
  • Work with a diverse population of students
  • Facilitate AVID tutorial sessions and deep thinking
  • Help students with their organizational skills
  • Connect with your community

District Contact

Carli Peck
College and Career Preparedness Coordinator
(831) 645-1218

[email protected]