VIsion 2025+ Task Force


Vision 2025+ Objective: Support the Superintendent to develop recommendations for the Board of Education around implementing a vision for school configurations within MPUSD.

Vision 2025+ Task: Analyze historical and projected enrollment and transfer patterns, student performance data, school location and school size, and parent/community input in order to develop recommendations for potential changes to grade level configurations, attendance boundaries, school size and future school locations. 

Vision 2025+ Membership: The Taskforce will be made up of a diverse stakeholder groups including parents from each community, union representatives, staff, and community groups.


Vision 2025+ Timeline: The goal of the Task Force will be to develop recommendations by the November 12th Board Meeting in order to ensure that any potential decisions are made by December 18th.

Taskforce Dates/Board Meeting Updates:

  • August 13th Board Meeting - Task Force Overview
  • August 22nd - Task Force Initial Meeting
  • August 27th Board Meeting - Task Force Update
  • September 3rd - Task Force 2nd Meeting
  • September 10th Board Meeting - Task Force Update
  • September 17th - Task Force 3rd Meeting
  • September 24th Board Meeting - Task Force Update
  • October 22nd - Task Force 4th Meeting
  • October 29th Board Meeting-Task Force Update
  • November 5th - Task Force 5th Meeting
  • November 12th Board Retreat -- Discuss Taskforce Recommendations