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Health Services Staff




Melanie Allen, RN

[email protected]

(831) 901-7621



Gianna Halton, RN

All Monterey schools
[email protected]
(831) 901-9375

Fatima Mejia, LVN

La Mesa Elementary

[email protected]

(831) 901-9877

April Celestino, Health Assistant

Monte Vista School
[email protected]
(831) 901-5796

Kristian Harvuot

[email protected]

TBD (call the school to reach Kristian)

Walter Colton Middle School & Monte Vista TK and K School




Diane Salomone, RN

STEPS Program, Adult Transition Program, Del Rey Woods Elementary School, Ord Terrace Elementary School, Seaside High School
[email protected]
(831) 901-9388

Laura Baza, RN

Seaside Middle School, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School of the Arts, Marshall Elementary School, Seaside Child Development Center, Central Coast High School
[email protected]
(831) 901-9659

Kimberly Axie, LVN

Seaside High School

[email protected]

(831) 901-7378

Blaze Ray, Health Assistant

Ord Terrace Elementary School

[email protected]

(831) 887-8854

Brenda Acosta, Health Assistant

Del Rey Woods Elementary School

[email protected]

(831) 236-2504

Teresa Cordova, Health Assistant
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School of the Arts
[email protected]
(831) 901-7226

Tressa Santiago, Health Assistant 

Seaside Child Development Center
[email protected]
(831) 901-7216

Ashley Alvarado, Health Assistant

Seaside Middle School

[email protected]

(831) 383-9448

Dorothy Chin, Health Assistant

Marshall Elementary School

[email protected]

TBD (call Marshall Elementary School)

Tristen Trotter, Health Assistant

Dual Language Academy of the Monterey Peninsula

[email protected]

TBD (call DLAMP)




Gimi Herren, RN

All Marina schools

[email protected]

(831) 901-7320

Vanessa Valdez, LVN

Los Arboles Middle School
[email protected]
(831) 901-7332

Paula Negrete, Health Assistant

Marina Vista Elementary Arts Academy
[email protected]
(831) 901-8913

Aneesa Valdez, Health Assistant

Olson Elementary School

[email protected]

(831) 241-3537

Teresa Garcia Mata, Health Assistant

Marina Child Development Center
[email protected]
(831) 384-0255

Angela Lorsomran, Health Assistant

Crumpton Elementary School

[email protected]

(831) 601-7426

Steven Yancy, Health Assistant

Marina High School

[email protected]

TBD (call Marina High School)