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Hybrid Learning Model and Return to In-Person Instruction




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Q:        What is the first day for the Hybrid Learning model?

A:        Monday, April 12:   Transitional Kindergarten - 5th grade

            Monday, April 12:   6th, 9th and 10th grades

            Monday, April 19:   7th, 8th, 11th and 12th grades


Q:        What do the schedules look like for Hybrid Learning and Distance Learning?

A:        Click here for graphic sample schedules. Note that each school site schedule may vary slightly; however, the general start and end times remain consistent.


Q:       Does my family have a choice between the Hybrid Learning and Distance Learning models?

A:        Yes. Families are currently being asked to make a choice between the two models on a ParentSquare survey that was sent out on Friday, March 19. You may access the survey in your ParentSquare account, and school site principals are also sending out survey reminders in individual ParentSquare posts.


Q:       If I opt my child into the Hybrid Learning model, does my child have to attend all four days or can they attend two days?

A:        Yes. If families select the Hybrid Learning model, students will need to attend in-person learning all four days. They will not be able to do a combination of Hybrid and Distance Learning models.


Q:       Will there be after school care options for my child(ren)?

A:        Due to social distancing guidelines and restrictions by local and state entities, physical space availability and limited staffing, after school care options are very limited. Currently, students of essential workers are enrolled in MPUSD’s Community Cares or Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) program. Community Cares enrollment is based on principal referral and available space. Enrollment for the ELO program is based on employment with MPUSD as an essential worker and available space. Families may be able to get on a waitlist for a Community Care Program by contacting the site Principal. MPUSD employees can contact Francine Stewart at the Expanded Learning Opportunities office at 831-392-3944 or via email at (Note: Students currently enrolled will continue participation in the ELO or Community Cares program and will be able to attend in person instruction with their teacher. Transportation will not be provided.


Q:     Will my child be able to bring their own lunch to school?

A:        Yes. Students can bring their own lunch and/or snack to school. They will not be allowed to share their food with other students.


Q:       What will transportation look like for students?

A:        Due to social distancing guidelines and restrictions by local and state entities, physical space availability and limited staffing, transportation beyond Special Education routes will be very limited. There will be a small number of general education routes available and interested parents should contact their principal to see if they qualify for one of these limited seats or to be placed on a waitlist.


Q:       Will students in Hybrid Learning and Distance Learning be taught at the same time?

A:        There will be a simultaneous learning block for approximately one hour (9 - 10 a.m.) four days a week. Students in-person and Distance Learning will have the opportunity to have a full class community circle or morning meeting, with potentially a whole group lesson in a core subject area. Additional details will follow on the potential use of this hour of simultaneous instructional block.


Q:       Will student computers be transported to and from school daily?

A:        The decision of computers being transported to and from school daily will be a site-based decision and may vary by grade level. All students must have their computers at home on Wednesdays. It is possible to engage in one hour of simultaneous learning, as well as rotate through a small in-person tech station (e.g., working on iReady My Path or etc.) without having to have their computers with them while in person. It is also possible to have students have their computers with them daily to have assignments and other activities readily available to them on their own Chromebooks even when in-person.


Q:       How will students participate in Physical Education 30 minutes a day, four days a week?

A:        The minute requirements have been waived for Physical Education (PE) for the 2020-2021 school year, which reflects 200 minutes every 10 school days. However, it is still required that students receive regular PE instruction. The number of minutes PE is provided and whether it is synchronous, asynchronous, or in person will be based on the development of the site schedule.


Q:       What will occur with arts and music instruction?

A:        Music teachers will Zoom into in-person classrooms at sites that are not considered their “home” site.  During this time, the link will also be provided to DL students, who can also log on and participate.  The classroom teacher will actively support the remote music teacher in providing the in-person students classroom management.  For the sessions that the music teacher provides “live” at their home site, the DL students will also have the opportunity to Zoom in. However, the classroom teacher can support the DL students and remote classroom management while in-person instruction takes place, which may be outdoors.


Q:       Will students who select Distance Learning still have access to MPUSD’s Grab & Go lunch?

A:        Yes. Grab and Go lunches will continue at current elementary sites from 1 - 2 p.m. Middle and high school sites Grab and Go will continue from 12 - 2 p.m.


Q:       Some transitional kindergarten and kindergarten families want to take advantage of Hybrid Learning, but now that the model has changed to four days, are they able to send their student only two days for transitional kindergarten or kindergarten?

A:        The new model is intended to be a full, four day model at the transitional kindergarten and kindergarten level. If there is an extenuating circumstance please contact your school site administrator.