Why MPUSD » Keith Perreira: 'I’ve always been a helper and I like to help'

Keith Perreira: 'I’ve always been a helper and I like to help'

Keith Perreira








Keith Perreira

MPUSD Warehouse Worker & Delivery Driver


For more than 35 years, MPUSD Warehouse Worker & Delivery Driver Keith Perreira has offered his help and customer service skills to keep business moving forward at his previous and current job.



“I like going out and greeting people and meeting with them and seeing what I can do to help them,” Keith said.


Perreira started his career in a similar role at Long’s Drug Store, which later turned into CVS. About nine years ago, he had a friend who worked for MPUSD and recommended he apply for an open position.


“Well my friend that worked here said it was good people to work with, they’re friendly and I was just looking for a new direction to go and try something new,” Keith said.


That new path turned into a career helping teachers, staff members and administrators with their work at MPUSD. Now Perreira makes deliveries to classrooms and district buildings including mail and supplies.


“I just look forward to helping people with what they need, if they need something moved or picked up or dropped off. I just like to be there to help them if they need it,” Keith said.


Perreira grew up in Hollister and his motivation to support his colleagues comes from the way he was brought up.


“Helping. I’ve always been a helper and I like to help. I mean that’s the way I was raised and it's what my mom and dad taught me is to be helpful,” Keith said.


When Keith is not working, he loves to go to the lake, camping, and just being on the water. He’s a familiar face around the district and says if anyone ever needs help, just ask!


“If they’re looking for something, I try to see if we have it for them and try to get it to them or ask at other schools if they have it so we could give it to them and just to move things around and help out, get them what they need to do their job,” Keith said.