MPUSD's Three Comprehensive High Schools to Move to 7-Period Schedule

In the 2024-2025 school year, MPUSD's three comprehensive high schools - Marina High School, Monterey High School, and Seaside High School will move to a 7-period schedule.

The decision to transition to a 7-period schedule is rooted in a strategic approach that considers the district’s fiscal landscape in the short and long term. Recently, the MPUSD Board of Education made an historic investment in its people with a 10% on-going salary/benefit enhancement. Providing this level of raise to employees requires tradeoffs at all levels of the system. The move towards a 7-period schedule is driven by the need to optimize resources, while maintaining the overall educational experience for students.

Learn more specifics here, as well as what the schedule will look like on the various days of the week. The 2024-2025 bell schedule is also housed on each high school's website under the Bell Schedules icon on the front of the website home page.