Making an Impact with Social Media and Websites


By Marci McFadden and Marissa Schwartz

Much of the day to day work the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District’s Communications department engages in falls under Goal #6 of the district’s Local Control Accountability Plan. The goal, MPUSD will enhance and make progress on community engagement, ensures all partners are welcome, aware of, and understand the district's programs and services. One of the ways the district provides information and transparency is through its social media platforms and websites.

MPUSD maintains five social media platforms to keep stakeholders informed on a wide range of topics related to the District. Stakeholders include families, students, staff, community members and community partners. Our platforms include ​Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, ​Twitter or YouTube.

The department recently provided an overview of its social efforts, and new and improved district and school websites. The presentation highlighted:

  • How MPUSD's social media was established
  • The district’s social media progression and sustained demand for easily digestible information and positive acknowledgements throughout MPUSD
  • Progress after prioritizing resources to meet the demand for information from stakeholders, focusing on transparency and accessibility
  • Data to show where audiences are accessing information
  • Social media goals for 2022-2023 school year
  • MPUSD’s enhanced websites, which included content cleanup, easy website navigation, and new sections
  • Future goals for MPUSD’s district and school websites

The presentation includes interesting data and statistics and may be found here.