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MPUSD's Marina and Seaside Child Development Centers will soon offer playgroups. Classes will be conducted in person and on Zoom. Complete a survey interest in English or Spanish today. 

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Instructor: Alondra Bustos

We are pleased to welcome Alondra Bustos to our Early Childhood Education team. Alondra has been in the education field for nearly 10 years. She is of Hispanic descent and speaks fluent English and Spanish. 

Her love of education began when her youngest sister was born. Both her younger sisters have inspired her to teach. She earned an AA degree in early childhood development education in science; and has experience as an educator, coach, trainer, and elementary program coordinator. She is also a writer and self-published author of two children's books.

Alondra incorporates culture and equity in her classrooms, and enjoys creating a welcoming environment for parents that is safe and fun. She has received certifications, trainer awards and has in depth experience in early childhood education including, teaching, administration, parent-to-educator relations, trainer-to-educator and administrator-to-administrator experience, as well as building deep family-to-educator relationships.

When she is not working, she can be found writing poetry, children's books and blogs about early childhood education. She also enjoys surfing and gardening.