Saturday Academy Launches September 24

Did you know your student can make up lost instruction time? The Monterey Peninsula Unified School District presents its Saturday Academy again this school year. The official launch date for most MPUSD schools is Saturday, September 24, 2022.*
Saturday Academy is open to all students with an emphasis for students who need to make up missed days (or periods) of attendance. This academy is an excellent opportunity to receive extended learning and support from teachers, as well as receive additional instruction time and participate in enrichment activities.
For those making up missed days, attending one session of Saturday Academy will allow students to make up one full day of absence. 
If a student wishes to participate, a parent or guardian must complete a form prior to the Saturday Academy. 
Breakfast is served during Saturday Academies.
NOTE: Some times may differ slightly at a few schools. Check with your school on start/end time. Additionally, a few of our schools will not start until October 15.
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