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2019-20 Meal Change Policy

(Sent to families via ParentSquare on August 1, 2019)

August 1, 2019

Dear Parent or Guardian,

The Monterey Peninsula Unified School District is required to notify student households of its Student Meal Charge Policy.

This letter provides you written notification and clarification of the policy. Monterey Peninsula Unified School District’s Student Meal Charge Policy states: 

 Unless specific instructions have been provided by the parent/guardian, all students will be provided a breakfast and lunch daily if they so choose. 

 Students who have not qualified for a free meal, and do not have enough money to pay for their meal, will have a charge added to their café account for the meals they are provided. Students will not be allowed to select a la carte items nor will they be provided a second breakfast or second lunch meal on a single day.
 If a student’s café account balance reaches negative $5.00, the Nutrition Services department will contact the household weekly via mail, email, or phone, until the account balance is no longer negative.
 If a student’s café account balance reaches negative $15.00, the student will be offered a nutritionally and calorically equivalent alternative entrée, until the account balance is no longer negative.
 Every effort will be made by the District to collect a student’s unpaid meal debt, which may include communication from the school site principal to the parents/guardians who regularly have unpaid balances. 

 Meal Applications are available on the Nutrition Services website (electronically and printed-version), and at school sites (except Provision 2 sites) to assist families in applying for possible free or reduced-priced meal eligibility. 
 Money is NOT required for school meals (this does not include a la carte nor second breakfast or second lunch meals) at Provision 2 school sites.

If you have any questions, please contact the Café Manager at your school site or the Nutrition Services Office at 831-392-3903.

Thank you!

Micha James, M.S.
Nutrition Services Director