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COVID-19 Transition to Work Resources

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We know this has been an unconventional year for MPUSD. We are appreciative of our MPUSD staff for rising to the COVID-19 challenge and ensuring the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and colleagues this past spring. The work you do is instrumental in MPUSD's success.


Whether your role during this stay at home order has enabled you to continue to work onsite or you will be returning to work onsite, there are new health and safety procedures and protocols we must all be prepared to follow. In this effort to ensure the health and safety of our staff, the work environment, practices, and standard operating procedures will need to be modified. With COVID-19 present in our communities for the foreseeable future, we are committed to developing protocols and procedures that reflect current public health guidance on how to stop the spread of COVID-19.


These procedures and protocols have been developed in alignment with the Monterey County Health Department’s recommendations and will serve as our guide during this evolving situation. These guidelines were established based on current state and county guidelines for workplaces. Plans will be adjusted and modified, as appropriate and in response to MPUSD, community, county, and state protocols and orders.


To return to a worksite, MPUSD employees will be required to review a handful of online videos and the MPUSD Office Procedures and Protocols. Additionally, we will be sharing a document with the FAQs on MPUSD COVID-19 Protocols. 


During the training, we will review the MPUSD Office Procedures and Protocols and answer questions. Please work with your supervisor should you have any questions regarding your individual situation or job function.


Thank you for your prompt attention to reviewing these reopening materials to ensure all of our staff members are well aware of the new procedures and protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy as we return to the workplace.