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Saturday Academy Program

AARC in a Nutshell

  • Students with a full day absence (excused or unexcused) are invited to attend
    • One AARC session clears one FULL day absence
    • Perfect attendance can be reached
  • 240 instructional minutes + 15 minute nutritional break = 8:15 to 12:30
  • Developing an engaging & meaningful instructional program is the key to success
  • Administrators do not have to be on campus - - Lead Teachers are selected
  • Leads do not teach a class, provide support to instructional teachers
  • 5 hours of pay for Leads; 4.5 hours of pay for instructional teachers
  • Attendance is taken on a CDE approved log ONLY
  • Breakfast will be offered
  • ECS will handle the following tasks:
    • Work with each site to develop an individualized program
    • Identify students, print invitation letters, deliver attendance logs and distribute to the sites
    • Coordinate with all necessary departments: CWA, Food Services, Human Resources, Maintenance & Operations, Security, Business, Payroll, Information Technology, and Payroll
    • Visit sites on Saturday to provide support
    • Collaborate with Lead to schedule teachers & subs
    • Update student attendance after each session in SIS
    • Provide immediate feedback & expense reports after each session

*** 50 % of the net profit will be given back to the sites***

Supporting Materials