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MPUSD Credentialing FAQs

1. I have obtained my teaching certification from another state, how do I  apply for a California (CA) teaching credential?

A teacher may apply for a CA teaching credential based upon verification of the following minimum requirements:

  • Bachelor’s or higher degree issued by a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Teacher preparation program including student teaching with a grade “C” or better from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Issued a comparable teaching credential (front and back of the document) from another state.
  • Satisfy the basic skills requirement.  For more information, click here.
  • You may apply directly to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC before you are employed in CA). Refer to CTC website for complete instructions and application forms.


2.  My teaching credential authorizes me to teach K-12, what position can I apply for?

There are three credentials you must have in order to teacher at MPUSD:

  • Multiple Subject credentials authorize Self-contained classroom generally at the elementary level and Core in (two or more subjects for two or more periods per day to the same group of pupils ) at the middle school level.
  • Single Subject credentials authorize departmentalized classes (middle and high schools)
  • Education Specialists credentials authorize instruction to students identified through IEP as requiring Special Education services and are issued in specific specialized areas such as Mild/Moderate disabilities, Moderate Severe, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Visual Impairments, Physical and Health Impairments and Early Childhood Special Education.


3. If my credential has not been granted by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) can I start teaching if I have been selected for employment with MPUSD?

You must have one of the following submitted with the MPUSD Human Resources Department:

  • Application for a California credential through the MPUSD Human Resources Department with the required official transcripts, processing fees, live scan fingerprints, test results, out of state teacher’s license, basic skills requirement, etc.
  • Proof of a pending credential application with the CTC and copies of your credential packet.


4. I do not have a teaching credential yet; can I be considered for a teaching position?
MPUSD will consider hiring non-credentialed teachers only in shortage areas such as in Special Education, Math, Science (Chemistry and Physics), and Bilingual Education (Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese). Should an individual without a teaching credential be offered a teaching position in a shortage area they would be required to apply for a one year teaching permit (Short Term Staff Permit or Provisional Intern Permit) and be admitted to a university teaching credential program. The teaching permits are applied through the district’s Human Resources Department.

The following are basic requirements that must be met before being hired:


  • Possession of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university verified by official transcripts.
  • Passage of the Basic Skills Requirement is the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST). For more information click here.
  • For Special Education positions complete the requirements for the Single or Multiple Teaching Credential or a minimum of 3 years of full time Special Education teaching experience or 9 semester units in Special Education coursework or in a combination of Special Education and Regular Education.
  • For single subject areas a degree major or 18 semester units of coursework in the single subject area (Math, Physics, Chemistry) or passage of the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) single subject matter exam. For more information visit
  • For Bilingual Education the minimum is current enrollment in a Multiple Subjects teaching credential program and passage of the university’s bilingual exam.
  • Apply for a teaching permit with a permit application form, processing fees, live scan fingerprints, test results, official university transcripts through the district’s Human Resources Department.

5. What is an English Language Learner Authorization as known as CLAD certification?

An English Learner Authorization is required by MPUSD to  teach and serve students that are English Language Learners. This authorization is based on the rights and needs of the students to an appropriate education. If you are a teacher from out of state and do not have this certification, you will need to apply for a one-year Emergency CLAD permit and immediately begin a program for English Learner Authorization. The one-year emergency permits are applied through the district’s Human Resources department.

6. How do I obtain an English Learner Authorization?

In order to obtain an English Learner Authorization one of the following would need to be completed:

  • Pass the California Teacher of English Learner (CTEL) examination (three subtests). For more information visit:
  • Complete university coursework, for a complete list of approved CTEL programs/universities click here and Commission Approved CTEL Programs click here. 
  • Combination of CTEL exam and CTEL university coursework.
  • Pass 1 or 2 CTEL exam subtests and complete the balance through CTEL university coursework. For additional information click here.   
  • Out-of-state teacher with English Learner Authorization can obtain the CLAD certification based upon out-of-state English Learner certification.

For additional information and other options from CTC on English Learner Authorization, click here.  

7. I have a Preliminary credential, how do I “clear” my credential?

Prior to the expiration of a Preliminary credential, the teacher is expected to complete specific requirements to move to the next level of credential titled Clear. In order to begin this process you must:

  • Review your CA credential to determine your credential requirements by going to CTC’s website
  • Search for an Educator's Credential, Certificate and/or Permit”


If Induction is required, MPUSD has a 2-year Induction program for district teachers with Multiple and Single subject credentials. You can contact Ms. Stella Kumagai at or 831.645.1214 for program information and to enroll. If you are unsure of your requirements, please contact CTC or MPUSD Credential Technician.

8. How do I renew my Clear teaching credential?

CTC has an online credential renewal process at available here.  The district recommends to renew your credential at least 3 months prior to its expiration.

9. How do I obtain Bilingual Authorization also known as BCLAD? 

Passage of the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) website :

  • Subtest II or III assesses Language and Communication Skills
  • Subtest IV assesses Methodology of Bilingual Education
  • Subtest V assesses Bilingual Cultural Knowledge
  • There are additional options to obtain BCLAD authorization. You must also have an English Learner Authorization such as CLAD and a valid teaching credential.

For additional information and other options from CTC on Bilingual Authorization click here. 


10. I have a teaching credential in one area, how do I obtain a credential in another?

Depending on your current credential:

  • If you have a Single Subject in a subject area and want to add another subject, you will need to meet subject matter competency in the new subject area and complete a departmentalized methodology course(s) in the new subject area .
  • If you have a Multiple Subject and want to obtain a Single Subject, you will have to meet subject matter competency and complete a departmentalized methodology course(s).

For additional information and other options from CTC on Adding Authorizations to Multiple or Single Subject Teaching Credentials, click here. 

11. I have a special education teaching credential in one area, how do I obtain an added authorization in a specialty area?

Complete a special education specialty area through a commission – approved program.
Information from CTC on Added Authorizations in Special Education (AASE) is available here.

12. What are the examinations for teachers?

The most commonly used are:

  • California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)
  • California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET)
  • California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL)
  • Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA)

For additional information and other examinations from CTC is at, click here.  

13. How do I contact the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC)?

Visit their website at Email