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Dr. Bettye Lusk

Dr. Bettye Lusk
Board Trustee, Area 3
Term of Office: December 2022 - November 2026

Contact information: Email: [email protected]
Phone: (831) 394-7066

A Commitment to...Every Child.

"Every Child...A Success...Every Child...a tapestry woven piece by piece!!!!"

As a child, I learned how important and special it was to have great teachers. Growing up in the South in a one-room school taught me much about having a great family and the commitment of a great teacher. I decided then that I wanted to become a teacher. I wanted to pass on to other children my first teacher's gift of love, patience, and encouragement which enabled me to believe in my ability to become who I am today. As a Board member, my commitment is to be a wholehearted participant in the creation of a culture that would nurture and celebrate the success of every school in MPUSD.

The empowerment of all participants...students, parents, teachers, classified staff, District staff, Board members, and our communities will foster opportunities to create an environment that will support the success of our children...our future. We are one another's greatest strength, and all are accountable for the outcomes. Mary McLeod Bethune says, "All of my life I have worked with youth. I have begged for them and fought for them and lived for them and in them. My story is their story." This is to be my legacy...what will yours be?