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Dr. Jon Hill, Vice President

Board Trustee, Area 3
Term of Office: December 2016 - November 2020

Contact Information:

Phone: (831)747-1272

Students and families in our district are an amazing, diverse constituency. Needs and expectations create a unique combination of challenges and opportunities. Such is the life we enjoy together every day on the Central California Coast.

I am humbled and energized to be a member of this remarkable Board. Collectively we possess a rich blend of ideas and experience. My background includes state-level board experiences as a public member of the Board of Bar Governors, as County Superintendent member of Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission and as both an advocate and subject matter expert to the Oregon State Legislature.

I recently retired as Senior Human Resources Analyst at the Monterey County Health Department with primary responsibility for employee relations, workplace investigations, ethics, and management training. Previous professional experience was as a teacher, program specialist, principal and county superintendent in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Students in our district are entitled to a high-quality education powered by a mutual commitment of all stakeholders. Student achievement is more likely when the Board is willing to engage in spirited debate over significant policy issues. Solid data drawn from many sources and gathered using multiple methodologies best informs that decision-making. Forthright discussion and communication are required.

The success and sustainability of the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District require Board leadership. My pledge is to listen carefully to constituents but to also remember the long-term view of what is best for students and best for the district