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Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation

Food Service and Hospitality

Culinary Fundamentals - CONCENTRATOR
This course provides students with a comprehensive overview of the culinary arts including an overview of the restaurant and foodservice industry; food safety and sanitation; culinary arts basics; personal nutrition; breakfast cookery; salad preparation; soups, stocks, and sauces; vegetables, grains, and pasta; non-yeasted bread, cookies, pies, and tarts; beverage preparation and service; and professionalism. The course is a combination of lectures, labs, guest speakers/panels, and real-world applications. Students will develop competencies in the culinary arts based on CTE content and anchor standards, the application of literacy and math standards, and career-ready practices. The overall goal of this course prepares students for access to the Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation CTE Industry Sector, entry-level work in the culinary industry, and advanced post-secondary certificate, college, and career opportunities.
Catering and Food Service - CONCENTRATOR
This course will allow students to produce numerous projects and a portfolio using a variety of culinary techniques, using restaurant-quality equipment and materials. Students will demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and skills “through hands-on” experiences based on the learning units listed in the course outline.
Advanced Culinary Arts - CAPSTONE
This course provides advanced training in culinary arts. Instruction will cover the following areas: advanced food preparation, menu planning and preparation, service of foods and beverages, sanitation and safety, pricing, purchasing, operating controls for food service, equipment safety, food handling and sanitation as it applies to National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, use, and care of professional equipment, culinary techniques, terminology, garnishing and presentation, quantity techniques, use of fresh herbs, customer service skills, table service, marketing, employee traits, career opportunities and advanced education, and management techniques for career preparation. Students will use equipment which includes: gas ranges, grills, steamers, Hobart mixers, food processors, and various chef knives. The students will develop competencies in academic core reinforcement, leadership skills, management career awareness, and employability skills as they apply to the food and nutrition industry. This course includes a combination of lectures, hands-on activities, guest speakers, and field trips designed to assist the student in developing the attitudes and career opportunities related to the field of culinary arts, restaurant management, and other jobs related to the hospitality service industry.